Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga

What to expect: In these basic classes you will be led through a breath-focused sequence of fundamental poses which invite you to tune into the subtle energy flowing within you.

While you will probably stand on one leg a few times, essentially you will be re-balancing body and mind, and moving towards the appropriate equilibrium between effort and surrender in each posture.

The instructor will take you to move mindfully and in time with the breath, which will ultimately leave you feeling more concentrated and alive.

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Detox Flow

What to expect: The Detox Flow is dynamic, open to all, and set to a great soundtrack. Expect some cleansing breathing exercises, a challenging sequence, long savasana (final resting pose), and lots of laughter.

While each class is varied, it is guaranteed you will focus your mind, enhance strength and mobility, and leave feeling invigorated and ready for the week ahead.

Free Meditation

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Yin Yang

What to expect: In this open-level class you will flow through some ‘sun-salutations’, stimulating your blood, muscles and skin, creating heat as the teacher guides you through dynamic and strengthening poses.

You will be breathing your body mindfully as you flow gradually into a moving meditation. Next you will be encouraged to move with greater awareness, surrendering (with as much ease as possible), and opening to the experience of gravity and observing your mental chatter.

This class invites you to study and understand your own body and mind, and ultimately how to move through your daily life with more intuition and less expectations.


What to expect: You will build heat, sweat, stretch further, fall over, push yourself to the limit and even curse the teacher; but you will leave feeling rejuvenated, elated, and deeply connected with your inner-self.

Truly engaging your respiratory and cardio-vascular systems involves synchronising dynamic movement with breath. This takes time to master, but you’ll find is the most rewarding element in these high-intensity, fun-filled classes.

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