Charlotte Katy Honour

The Tribe Hub Pilates Teacher

Hello, I am Charlotte – a Pilates instructor and massage therapist. Having grown up on the south coast I’ve always had a love of the sea and that sense of wellbeing and reinvigoration you get from a brisk, windswept walk along the beach. I’m a big believer that this same feeling can be harnessed and accessed through the flow of movement – be it in Pilates, or Massage.

My background started as a professional Ballet and Contemporary dancer, and it was during this time that, for 15 years, I also practiced as a Pilates student, before taking the path to become a Pilates teacher. More recently, I qualified as a Sports and Holistic Massage Therapist, which has helped further and deepen my knowledge of the body.

With me, you can learn how to incorporate Pilates and wellbeing into your life, to start your journey to becoming the best version of yourself!

I can’t wait to start on this adventure with the Tribe Hub, and look forward to my time here and meeting you all.


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